Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mad Hatter

I think I may have figured out just why I never finish projects. You see, when I start something new while in the middle of something else, then I always have something exciting and challenging to keep me busy. But once I finish the challenging and exciting thing that I was working on, I end up working on... nothing. Not the socks for my mom's birthday, not my friends wedding outfit (for the wedding she may not have), nothing. So much to knit, so little enthusiasm.

But! On the other hand, I am tempted to make fifty more Odessas. Wonderful pattern. Wonderful hat.

There it is, in all its grey and purple glory. I love this thing. Too bad it makes me look like I'm a prepubescent boy with boobage. So, off to a well-deserving friend it goes.

And here's a picture of it on my head, also showing the horridness that is growing out my hair.

The first picture is much more true to colour.

Oh, and:

There's me! :D

Now, I'm off to go find some patterns for my sockapaloooza socks. I just bought two pounds of undyed sock yarn with which to play with...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And again.

Yes, I've done it again. I was making fabulous progress on the Pomatomi:

When, this afternoon, I experienced Projectus Interruptus for this evil, wicked hat:

That's because February's Magknits was released today, and with it, Grumperina's Odessa. I love this hat. I normally despise hats, but not this one. This one is cute and pretty in one nice neat little package. And I'll probably put it aside in a couple of days to start on socks for my sockpal... but that's another story. I'm using Cashsoft in Thunder, with size 6/0 "silver lined matte transparent lavender rainbow round" (yes, that's exactly what it says on the canister) beads, 'borrowed' from my mother's bead stash. Other crafters keep stashes, too, apparently.

Speaking of stash, I just recieved seven of these:

In a yarn swap, and I've no idea what to do with it all. It's 100% cotton, DK weight, incredibly soft. I'd love to make a nice stole/lap blanket for my mother's birthday out of it, since it's such a 'her' colour. But I should probably put off pattern searching, because as soon as I find something I'll start working on that instead of everything else that needs finishing...

Like my AP Calc II homework.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This better be easier than bloglines.

Because that was just confusing. Anyway, I'm copying the 'what I'm working on' post from over there because I'm lazy.

(Lots of) pictures and stories!

First, I have a friend, Vee, who is getting married in September. On my birthday, to be exact. I mentioned wanting to knit myself one of Elann's Flickering Flames Skirts, and she said she wanted one! Then somehow that evolved into her wearing it to the wedding, and wanting a top to go with it. So I'm knitting her wedding outfit.

The aforementioned skirt:

With the Luna specified in the pattern, but in three colours rather than one. I decided to do the colour switches at each tier change-- unfortunately, I planned to do the bottom tier in Fresh Cream, and Elann's run out. !! That will teach me to procrastinate on yarn buying. I'm hoping they'll restock, and if not, GGH Mystik looks similar enough in content and weight, I think, that I can manage. Even if it is at least two times more expensive.

The top is Rose:

Please ignore my horribly coloured carpet. This is also in Luna, since I had some handy and I thought it'd be good if the yarn for the whole outfit matched. I've planned a lot of modifications for this-- I already lengthened the body and did three-needle bind off on the shoulders rather than simply binding off and sewing them together, and I'm changing the sleeves from simple short sleeves to long, flowy belled sleeves, with lace up to the elbow. This will take some fiddling. Have I mentioned that this is the first top that I've done? I like to get in over my head.


Told you I just cast on. The yarn is Regia Cotton Colour, which my mom picked out because I've been promising her socks for a while. I think these'll be her birthday present.


I love this pattern. I abhor the yarn. It's Brown Sheep Wildefoote, in Rhapsody, which I bought against my better judgement because it was on sale and the colours were pretty. They don't look like that in RL, by the way, in fact this whole picture is horrible. But I can't fit my foot into the lightbox. Anyway, the problem with the yarn is that it's not cushy at all-- it feels very stringy and rough against my hands. I'm not sure if it will bloom when I block them, or what, but it's so annoying to work with that I only knit a couple of rounds a week.

And just for kicks (heh heh! get it?) my first pair of socks:

Based loosely on Pom Squad, made with Elann's Fixation knockoff. They're comfy.

I've gotten a lot farther on my Pomatomus, but, in true me fashion, have worked on nothing else since starting them. Someday I will stop procrastinating on projects with... other projects.

Also, Sockapoloooza assignments go out tomorrow! I'm excited. I signed myself up against my better judgement and the begging of my bank account. Ah, well, that's one more thing to procrastinate with.