Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And again.

Yes, I've done it again. I was making fabulous progress on the Pomatomi:

When, this afternoon, I experienced Projectus Interruptus for this evil, wicked hat:

That's because February's Magknits was released today, and with it, Grumperina's Odessa. I love this hat. I normally despise hats, but not this one. This one is cute and pretty in one nice neat little package. And I'll probably put it aside in a couple of days to start on socks for my sockpal... but that's another story. I'm using Cashsoft in Thunder, with size 6/0 "silver lined matte transparent lavender rainbow round" (yes, that's exactly what it says on the canister) beads, 'borrowed' from my mother's bead stash. Other crafters keep stashes, too, apparently.

Speaking of stash, I just recieved seven of these:

In a yarn swap, and I've no idea what to do with it all. It's 100% cotton, DK weight, incredibly soft. I'd love to make a nice stole/lap blanket for my mother's birthday out of it, since it's such a 'her' colour. But I should probably put off pattern searching, because as soon as I find something I'll start working on that instead of everything else that needs finishing...

Like my AP Calc II homework.


Blogger Sock Pal said...

I believe you are my sock pal. I was not given this blog site with your name, but I found on it the participants list. If you are taking AP Calc II you must be a high school student? I love Calculus. I have a BS in mathematics. I've started on your socks. I hope you like them. They are not orange or yellow or bright. they are not bulky. They are knit with Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. It is gorgeous and so soft. Happy Knitting!

10:34 PM  
Blogger Jesh said...

I started up this blog, oh, a day after I signed up for sockapaloooza and forgot to edit it in there. Glad you found it, though! *waves*

You know, I think this was a sock match made in heaven because I'm hoping to major in math! :D Calculus is definitely my favourite subject, you know it's fun when you spend a whole class period figuring out one optimization problem ;D

3:26 AM  

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